Design of a speed controller for BattleBots

  1. Basic problem: turn low-current oddly-shaped servo pulses into high-current wheel speeds
  2. What is an H-bridge?
  3. Switching high currents
  4. PIC intro and features
  5. Joystick positions from receiver pulses
  6. Wheel speeds from joystick positions
  7. PWM from wheel speeds
  8. Relay switching time
  9. Optoisolator
  10. Extra: Different speed curves
  11. Extra: LEDs
  12. Extra: PIC 12C508 as on/off switch
  13. Extra: FET driver

These are slides I used in a presentation to the Homebrew Robotics Club of Silicon Valley on October 25, 2000. I drew the pictures in by hand afterwards, so these slides lack pictures. And they are just outlines of what I was talking about. Apologies if you don't find them terribly informative, but since I did them in HTML I figured I might as well make them available.

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