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Rott-bot at Long Beach (I've lost track of who took this picture -- if it's you, please email me).
Another Rott-bot at Long Beach (also not my picture -- photographer, please claim).
Rott-bot before the paint job (photo courtesy Grayson DuRaine).
Rott-bot, after, glamour shot.
Rott-bot, close-up of damage inflicted by Gorange in my second match.

Rott-bot 2000, before, glamour shot.
Rott-bot 2000, professional shot at the event
Rott-bot 2000, steel frame instead of wood!
Rott-bot 2000, printed-circuit board for electronics, not just stuffed in!
Rott-bot 2000, after, glamour shot, with Protective Bucket(tm)
Rott-bot 2000, after, front damage from Jonathan Ridder's Ziggo
Rott-bot 2000, after, side damage, again from Ziggo

Halo at Las Vegas
New: Halo glamor shot at Treasure Island
New: Halo vs T-Minus at Treasure Island

Jim Smentowski's complete Rogue's Gallery (Rott-bot 2000 is a Lightweight)

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